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It is winter just starting as I write this (November 14th).

Most will have put the lawn and everything that goes toward its upkeep to sleep for the winter. Rightly so!

BUT! If the weather is good enough for you to feel comfortable outside; the lawn is not frosted or waterlogged; you have not been happy with your lawn though the summer. Then maybe - just maybe, there are a few things you can do this month.


I will not be condescending and suggest that you should make sure that the mower is in good working order for next spring. What I will do though, is suggest that your lawn might just be in need of a last cut. yes that's right mid-November.

If you are in a mild area, the ground is firm, and the grass is more than a few inches high, then a light topping now might get you off to a better start next spring. How often have we been unable to cut the grass soon enough in the spring because of bad weather? What we are talking about here and now, is the lightest of trims (a) to keep it tidy over winter and (b) to help get off to a good start in the spring.

Last leaves are falling now, or at least being blown onto your patch from the neighbour's tree, so rake those off as well. NONE of the above should be done if the lawn is waterlogged. This will only cause compaction as you plod across it.

You will probably see work casts more than ever at this time of year. For me, it means that worms are doing their job, and helping to drain your lawn. For many, worm casts spell doom! They are only around for a month or so, and again can easily be brushed off when dry. There is no chemical you van use, so stop worrying and let nature take it's course.

If the ground is soft - but not boggy, it is also a good time to do a bit of aeration - forking about 4-5 in deep itself does wonders for next year. Add some sharp sand in heavy soil and you are talking BIG improvements for next year.

Frost Care

Many writers tell you to keep off the lawn when it is frozen, because of the untold resulting damage. Rubbish! Just don't go playing football on it when frosted. Very often, I have found a well frosted lawn a great time to wheel the barrow over to clear the other end of the garden. Just keep different wheel tracks each journey. It might look damaged, but I doubt that you will notice any difference in a few weeks after the frost has thawed!

If the ground is firm and dry, it is also a good time to do the odd bit of repair work. The sunken edges can be sorted out with a few turf now, or even the odd bare patch in the main lawn area. A bit too late for seeding now, so forget that until the spring.

Sorry if I have given you a few things to do - when you thought you could laze about!

Looking forward to spring - speak to you then!


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