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  1. How often should I cut my lawn to keep it looking good?... ?
  2. How can I get the grass to grow beneath my tree?... ?
  3. Where can I find good quality turf in Kent ... ?
  4. Why has my lawn gone brown ?
  5. My Lawn Gone Yellow?
  6. When should I feed my Lawn?








How often to cut my lawn?

[How long is a piece of string basically! BUT! As a good guide, once per week in the peak growing times - Spring and Autumn. Less in the Summer - and raise the blades on your mower during these months. ]

How to get grass growing under trees?

  • [There are several problems here. the ground under trees is usually compacted, so forking it and brushing in a top dressing will be a good start.
  • Secondly, shade is an obvious problem, so if this is the case with you, then sprinkle a bit of grass seed containing meadow grass in it.
  • Thirdly - and it works wonders - don't cut the grass under trees too often - just every third normal cut, and RAISE the blades so that it is not too short. Need I say that it will also require a bit more watering in this area, but the previous comments will do better for you.. ]

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Where can I find Good Quality Turf in Kent ?

[Marden Turf - Where else!.]

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Why has my lawn gone brown ?

  • [If you have fed it during the last week or so, you may have  put the feed on either a bit too heavy, or perhaps unevenly. If this is the case, then you need to drench the lawn, and perhaps re-seed in a few weeks time.
  • If you have used a weedkiller - I assume that it was a proper LAWN weedkiller, and not a general weedkiller. General weedkillers kill grasses as well as weeds. Lawn weedkillers just kill the WEEDS in the lawn.
  • If it is just brown patches up to 12in across, and you have a lady dog, then her urine will kill off the grass. Water it well - take your bitch out for exercise, and all should be well.]

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Why has my lawn gone yellow?

[If it winter, then yellowing of the lawn can be caused by the type of grasses that make up your lawn! Some do not stay a good green colour in the winter. The good news is, that it will turn green once it warms up in the spring.

A dull, dark winter can also cause yellowing - as can hard frosts.

If it is in summer, then either drought - or lack of feed!]

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When should I feed my lawn?

[As soon as there is a bit of growth in the spring, then again in early summer. NOT on a dry lawn. Either wait for some rain, and do it the day after, or water the lawn well before - and AFTER.]

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