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Bumps in the Lawn

Our Lawn expert - David Hughes - helps you to sort out your bumps and hollows.

Ok! Let's get one thing right, straight away. You do not get a level lawn by using a roller. Using a roller, simply gives you hard bumps and hard hollows - and all the bits in between.

In fact, unless you are going to carry out all of the other operations necessary for a first class lawn, you can get rid of the roller altogether - although I might concede that it is useful for a light run over before the first cut after the winter.

If you have 'bumps' in the lawn, the only way to get rid of them is to strip off the turf and take out some soil before replacing the turf.

Usually however, it is simply an 'uneven' lawn that is the problem; so take the easy way out, and bring the hollows up to the level of the bumps.

Result = Even Lawn!

(For small hollows, simply carry out the last stages of the article on 'Top Dressing'.)


As you can see here, the lawn has 'hollows' of about 2 inches (remember them?) deep. (50mm). If you are a lateral thinker, then I suppose you could say that the lawn has 'bumps' which are 2 inches high! As we are dealing with hollows; it has 'hollows' and not bumps.




Use the straight edge to spread the top-dressing mix - described in 'Top-Dressing article) to a rough level by screeding the straight edge back and forth.




Once level, then compact the soil by treading with heels, until firm enough not to leave a foot imprint!





Rake to final level with as wide a rake as possible.




Spread the desired mix of seed at a rate of approx 'a good handful per square yard'. Really scatter it about to ensure an even spread.




Rake in lightly; protect with netting against birds; water when dry; and be patient for about 2 weeks. Hey presto, the grass starts to grow, and you now have a lawn that is (should be) more level than it was.




Large areas are best done with some help! and Marden Turf of course


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