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We Knows It - 'Cos We Sows it and We Grows It!  

(We grow enough turf each year to cover Wembley Stadium 85 times - and we have been doing it for more than 14 years)


At 'Marden Turf Growers' All of the turf is grown from proper lawn seed. It is not simply ex-pasture land that has been grazed by cows and sheep!  We buy the correct type of seed mix to grow into turf that will give you a lawn to be proud of.


There are hundreds of different grass plant varieties. Some are good for quick growth for feeding purposes; some are hard-wearing; some are fine; some are coarse; some are lush green; some are not!


  We place as much emphasis on our choice of grass plant varieties, as any other professional grower of plants.

Our turf is grown on a heavy silt soil, which is quite well drained. This allows us to cut turf at most times of the year - regardless of weather conditions.

Marden Turf is free from weeds, because of our 'growing' expertise. We don't  simply 'Weed-spray' an old pasture field. We grow our crops of turf with the care and attention it deserves.


'Think Quality - Think Marden'
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