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Turf can be ordered by phone or  fax.

Telephone/Fax on.......01622 831185 

This is how you decide the quantity you require ........

One of our turves, covers an area of 6 square feet. (Not 6 feet square!) They measure 54"x16".

(So, one and a half turves covers 1 square yard. One and three quarter turves covers 1 square metre). If you know your area in square yards or square metres, then square yards x 1.5 = the number of turves you require; or square metres x 1.75 = the number of turves you require. (Add 10% for cutting to shape and wastage)

It is usually best to calculate the actual area you require in square feet. Do this as follows.......

If your lawn area is rectangular, then it is easy. 

  1. Measure the length, measure the breadth, and multiply them. For instance, if your lawn to be measures 16 feet wide by 34 feet long, then 16x34 =   544.
  2. Divide this number by 6 (6 square feet of turf) and you get the answer 90.67.
  3. Round this up to 91, and also allow approx 5 - 10% for cutting and wastage.
  4.  You will need 100 rolls of turf.

If your lawn is an irregular shape, it may still be possible to divide it up into a series of rectangles, and then add the total of the rectangles together. 

It may be that you will have to measure the area of a triangle - or several triangles - to work out the area of your lawn. No problem....

  1. Use the longest edge of your triangle as "the base". 
  2. From this "base" line, measure the height of the triangle. 
  3. Now then......The area = half of the  base line x the height of the triangle. (As in the diagram below).
  4. So if the "Base" line is 19 feet long, and the height to the apex is 7 feet, your area is as follows
  5. 19 divided by 2 = 9.5.  So 9.5 x 7 = 66.5 turves. Say 67 + 10% for cutting = 74 Turf to order



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If you are still unsure, then fax us with your measurements and we will work it out for you.

Payment by Cash or Cheque to value of guarantee card.

Orders confirmed by lunchtime, will normally be delivered next day.


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