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Laying Your New Lawn

Don't forget! If it's 'Marden-Grown' Turf, you are more than halfway towards your successful lawn!

1. After digging the ground over, the soil should be firmed; by treading all over the lawn area, until it is firm enough not to leave footprints. If you have not 'levelled' a piece of ground before - or even if you have! - A straight edge - here a scaffold board - will prove a useful aid.

2. Do not be afraid to stand on , or work from the area that you are levelling. The soil should have been firmed enough to withstand your weight!!



3. When you are ready to lay your turf, work forward - preferably from a scaffold board - laying the turf in front of you. Don't run about on the new turf with a wheelbarrow though. But it is ok wheeling on the scaffold  board.



4. As above - just take your time. Simply moving the scaffold board forward and working from it, will be enough to settle the turf in. There is no need to beat the daylights out of it.  This only loosens it as it bounces up and down!. A good watering, after the turf has been laid, will be all that is required to settle the turf into close contact with the soil underneath.


You can walk upon it, or even have a picnic on it right away; but please, no football or the like for a few weeks. (Even if you do feel that the England team might call upon your services!)  


                        5. If your garden soil is ' heavy' then don't be afraid to incorporate a fair quantity of sharp sand. It can be incorporated into the soil by piercing with a fork. This will give better drainage, and help the lawn in play areas and areas of hard use.6. As above.

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